Thursday, August 4, 2011


So, after curiosity at J.K Rowling's new project, Pottermore, I decided to take a look. Being a die-hard Harry Potter nerd (in every sense of the word), I immediately decided I was going to get the magic quill. 
*By the way, I am an extreme Harry Potter fan, since the age of seven when I first read the books, regardless of  second-rate movies earlier on in the series, despite being "too old to be so into it" (PAH!). I also don't care about the supposed Harry Potter versus Twilight war, as I like Twilight's books too. Harry Potter is just better.*
In the website description, it states that EACH DAY the magic quill will be released, until such a time that the registration limit has been reached. I took "each day" to mean every 24 hours. HOWEVER. I checked at regular intervals, and always, registration was closed. Also, the interval between day 4 and day 5 has been less than 24 hours. *raaaaaage*


  1. It's just because they have a limit on each day and people go on as soon as the next day opens. Haha. You have to go at 10am PST or 3am AEST. So I guess that means 6pm where you are. I think, if I can calculate that stuff right.

  2. okay, thanks! I'll try that tomorrow. i hope i get in!