Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So, if you didn't know, I live in Switzerland. I have been living here for three years, this November. It's a nice place, even though it's mind-crushingly dull. The only break in the tedium that is Swiss life is one of its street parades - one of which, my favourite, is happening this Saturday.
My friends in Australia KEEP ASKING ME WHEN I'M MOVING BACK.
again, and again, and again.
The answer is SOON. and I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW YET. Somewhere in the vague vicinity of November, December, January. Maybe earlier, and maybe later. I don't know.
When I say, "I don't know" I get the reply, "How don't you know?!?"
Because my dad's company is a procrastinating  fat slob. Yes. They haven't decided yet. But we can't stay. For a while there was talk of moving to Singapore. But my dad was like "Fuck that, thats a shit job, quit trying to trick me." So no Singapore. Then there was talk of staying here. Nope, nevermind. Now there's talk of moving my dad earlier than the rest of us, but not actually saying when. We were supposed to move back right about when we moved - approximately 27 November ish. Buut, we dont know.

So, theres a date. I don't know if its the right one, but TOUGH TITTIES.


  1. Yay for moving back to Australia! haha. What year would you be goint in to? I'm probably moving back for Uni, next year.

  2. :PP Im moving to year 11 for this january. so a year behind the one we were in. .