Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Field of Flowers

Short Story - I wrote this because I felt like it. I know it's pretty cliched- whatever. 

She kept walking, with her eyes squeezed shut. Presently she became aware of a warm sensation gently fluttering  across her cheeks, arms, and shoulders. She opened her eyes and took a breath in awe, turning and viewing the scene about her. She had walked into a field of flowers that stretched as far as she could see, right up to the bluish, ice-capped mountains in the distance. Unlike the ones where she was from, she knew instinctively that these were benign. The scent that filled the air was unfamiliar to her, smelling of lilies, and tulips, and apple blossom, and lilac, enriched by the warm sun. The breeze fluttering around her was turning the field into a rippling, undulating sea of beauty and colour. There were songbirds wheeling and dancing in the bright sky, plumage flashing in the light, their song barely audible from the ground, so far below.
She looked down at herself and was astonished to see her feet were somehow bare, and her clothes had transformed into a white cotton shift that caressed her breasts, hips, knees, and ankles at every movement. Her hair had unraveled from its harsh braid, and it was loose and threaded through with flowers.
She continued to walk delightedly through the field, eventually coming to a stop at an apple orchard next to the sea. The trees were swaying gently, their branches heavy with bright, colourful fruit.
Turning, she saw her Jonothan running lightly towards her through the flowers, dressed in clean white cotton pants, his face warm and carefree, all his scars gone. She touched his face in wonder as he embraced her, laughing.
"We're home," he said. "Home."
It took her a moment to wrap her head around the idea that the pain and fear was gone, over, and she was not weighed down with the responsibilities that we hers such a short time ago. She smiled again, bright and genuine, truly happy. She was here in this beautiful place, with Jonothan, both of them together. At this thought, a wave of peace, joy, and serenity washed over her, and her lips stretched wider. She dropped her hand until she could clasp in it Jonothans, entwining her fingers in his.
They turned together and walked through the orchard, free and unfettered.

*I know this story starts at the beginning of the end. I'm no good at writing short stories with a beginning, middle, conflict, resolution, end. *

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